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TCC - The CREST Community

The CREST Community - a national movement dedicated to Crime Reduction Enabled by Systems Thinking (CREST)



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TCC is a collaborative community of like-minded individuals, formed with the aim of helping local agencies to reduce the social and economic costs of crime in the UK.  TCC brings extensive experience in applying systems thinking to solve organisational performance and other problems.

All solutions are informed by on-the-ground research up front in the process, which enables it to be tailored to the local context.  TCC methodology is both fast and inclusive - our approach means that we can engage with large numbers of practitioners to involve them in the process of analysis and interpretation.  Hence resistance to change is very limited.

In TCC we all believe passionately that by examining the Criminal Justice System as a whole we can identify areas for improvement in terms of reducing waste (for instance through optimisation across and within elements of the system; making collaboration and cooperation normal and  robust; illuminating loss to society; giving clarity of purpose by minimising the number of backward-facing loops; closing gaps in the  process; and avoiding duplication of effort). By then applying our collective experience and knowledge and basing our work on well-researched methodologies, we aim to make a significant contribution to the well-being of society in the UK.

We see our efforts as a  prime opportunity to improve collaboration across the many agencies  involved in handling crime, victims, and offenders in the UK, to help them become more citizen-focused, to capture synergies and to improve managerial decision-making, so enabling improved service quality and sustainable cost reduction.

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