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TCC was founded by three independent management consultants, each of whom has extensive experience of working with systems thinking to help tackle performance and other organisational problems.


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All are passionate  about the need reduce crime and the social and economic costs imposed on local communities.  Here are brief details about the founder members  Please follow the links provided for more information.  To contact any of the founders by email, please click on the picture.

Ben Simpson

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Ben has extensive business improvement experience in service organisations. His methodology leads to improved customer service, less delay and reduced cost, plus improved morale of those involved. Ben’s approach brings together disparate groups from elements of complex systems and targets common areas of challenge and opportunity. He has coached and facilitated change to shift focus from what the other party is doing wrong to working together to do things right, generally involving the customer in developing solutions.

For more information about Ben and his company, please click here Ben Simpson and visit:

Denis Bourne

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After a successful career in line management, including managing  international operations for multi-national companies, Denis has had 25 years experience of delivering effective consulting assignments in Europe, the USA and South Africa. The approach is the creation of organic change processes. These tap into the wealth of hidden talent and energy that exists in most large organisations. Large numbers of people are engaged to identify the issues to be addressed, and to work out and implement solutions.  In more recent years, his focus has been largely on helping public sector organisations build greater effectiveness.

For more information on Denis and his company, please click here Denis Bourne and visit

John Morgan


John consults on strategic planning, process improvement and redesign, and professional development for leaders. His focus is on the need for healthier work organisations that go beyond mere survival, to become highly productive and enjoyable units. He enjoys working across and between organizations, encouraging cooperation and helping growing businesses to rediscover teamwork. He has shaped and delivered profound, lasting improvements in a wide variety of public sector applications of systems thinking.

For more information about John and his company, please click here John Morgan and visit:

Judith Pierce

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Judith has a successful track record in line management, in the UK and other European countries, in a variety of roles, including sales management; marketing; building and controlling business budgets; designing and facilitating business workshops; market research; and managing a complete, multi-million-pound business unit. More recently, she has focused on providing bespoke consulting services, to help organisations and their people to achieve their full potential, so that work is a stimulating, successful and fulfilling experience.

For more information on Judith and her company, please click here Judith Pierce and visit

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