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On these pages we have provided access to a wide-ranging variety variety  of information.  The materials include many insights into how better to  manage organisational performance and deal with social (wicked) problems.  They are based on years of collective research and experience in providing effective advice to organisational managers.


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TCC Presentations

Click any of the following links to download a PDF or Powerpoint presentation:

A symposium on anti-social behaviour (pdf)

How to beat the organisation (pdf)

Wicked problems - a novel approach (pdf)

Systems thinking and the chain reaction (pptx)

TCC Papers and articles

This page provides access to documents on various aspects of how systems  thinking can aid the development of better products and services and  enhance organisational performance.  Please click on the links provided  for a down-loadable PDF document.



How informal networks enable organisational problems to be resolved

Influence as power

Goal-directed behaviour and target-setting - a new way forward

Goal-directed behaviour

Cross-cutting problems - a new take

Cross-cutting problems

Managing Performance - a new approach

Managing performance

How to develop a change-enabled organisation

Change as a way of life

How to develop an enabling organisation culture

Changing organisation culture

Tackling wicked problems - a new approach

Wicked Problems

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