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TCC enables the development of ideas that take advantage of synergies between agencies, which means that improved service quality can be achieved concurrent with budget reductions.


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TCC does this by locating discontinuities in service delivery and the criminal justice process.  Firstly, this is done by reviewing the whole system and examining working relationships between agencies to reduce duplication and waste, and to improve flow, cohesion and coherence towards a common purpose.

Secondly, this is done by identifying, trialling and improving crime reduction tactics, reducing re-offending, and enabling pragmatic collaboration to reduce the social  and economic costs of crime in the UK.

Here are brief outlines of some of the various services offered by TCC and its associates.

What we do:

Who it’s for:

Solving challenging performance and other organisational problems – developing and implementing solutions to wicked problems.

Public sector organisations employing more than about 500 people, mainly Local Authorities and Police forces.  For senior managers who have seen too many ‘one-size-fits-all’, past their ‘sell-by-date’ solutions – and too many costly multi-page reports that add little value by way of targeted actions.  For senior managers who need action more than words.  See ‘Cross-cutting problems’ on the Paper/Articles page or click here.

Getting more - and being more effective - from less.  How to square the circle of delivering better outcomes from fewer resources.

Public sector organisations faced with reductions in funding at the same time as a growing demand for services.  For senior managers who need positive, research-based ideas for changing system delivery to handle highs levels of variability and complexity in demands - at the same time as implementing national policies.  See ‘Managing performance - a new approach’ on the Papers/Articles page or click here.

Building management systems that will enable a resilient organisation to be developed.  Using research data on how resilient organisations adapt to a changing environment.

Public sector organisations that are facing unprecedented levels and speed of change, in technology, market conditions, regulations and financial pressures.  For senior managers who know that cultural norms are a prime driver of behaviour and results - but have seen the research on the failure of ‘culture change programmes’, and wish to avoid adding to the list of failures.  See ‘Change as a way of life’ and ‘Changing organisational culture’ on the Papers/Articles page or click here (‘way of life’) or click here (organsational culture).

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